• Generic budget carousel 2

    Cuomo's proposal boosts education As the state confronts a $4.4 billion deficit, Gov. Cuomo called for a 3 percent boost in school aid in his $168 billion executive budget proposal for the upcoming fiscal year. Read more

  • Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz

    Giving 'life' to Puerto Rico The AFT's Operation Agua is committed to delivering 100,000 water purifiers to Puerto Rican residents and businesses. Read more

  • 3D printer

    3D printers in the classroom Since 3D printing is a hot topic in education, there are many resources and workshops in the city to help you. Read more

  • What you need to know about functional chapters - the leaders

    Functional chapters Although the union is called the United Federation of Teachers, the membership has grown to include many other types of educators and professionals who serve the children of New York City. Read more

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When it comes to expanding the knowledge and skills of UFT members, no one does it better than the union's Educational Programs.
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