• The Rewordify website allows students to simplify any sentence to a more basic l

    Using leveled reading sites New York City teachers often have readers at widely varying levels in our classrooms. One solution lies in websites that offer high-quality texts at different reading levels. Read more

  • Preschool age children (generic)

    Special ed: Know your rights Here are some important things to know if you work with students with special needs. Read more

  • Sophia shares her finished book with her mom.

    Super authors! Behind a cleverly disguised door in the Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co. lies a “Secret Library” that houses 826NYC, a nonprofit organization whose true mission is to support student writers. Read more

  • Suzann Bassil, the chapter leader of PS 39 in Brooklyn, tells passersby about th

    Union power crushes con con The work by UFT members led to a resounding 83 percent NO vote on the state constitutional convention. Read more

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Absences, Leaves & Sabbaticals
Under the UFT-DOE contract, teachers and other members have varying rights to absences, leaves and sabbaticals.
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