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    Apply for summer positions The online application for the 2016 Summer School Instructional Program is available through May 27. Read more

  • Sampling the afternoon’s entrée before everyone sits down to an early dinner are

    Recipe for success A cooking class at PS 37 in Queens is part of its Wellness Council’s initiative to develop healthy lifestyles for both students and their family members by improving nutrition, health and physical-activity opportunities. Read more

  • Sparring gives students a safe outlet to release their energy.

    Have some 'punch' Boxing was a savior for Femi Guri growing up in war-torn Kosovo. Now a physical education teacher at PS 65 in the South Bronx, he believes that boxing could be a savior for his students. Read more

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    App scores points ClassDojo is a free app for engaging with students and parents that can be used on iPhones, Androids and desktop computers. Read more

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Educational experiences
Here are free and low-cost opportunities for teachers to supplement traditional classroom learning with other educational experiences.
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