• Pre-K teacher Patricia Dobosz talks with her students about what they see growin

    Beautifying the neighborhood A science teacher at PS/IS 157 succeeded in turning a small vacant lot in the Bedford-Stuyvesant/East Williamsburg section of Brooklyn into a green space. Read more

  • 345-jf_rockwell_09_1.jpg

    A slice of history Students at the Edward A. Reynolds West Side HS successfully petitioned to rename their school's street after the artist Norman Rockwell, who was born there. Read more

  • The kids ready their bikes as the filming gets underway.

    Riding tall Fifth-grade students at PS 114 in Brooklyn had the ride of their lives when a professional camera crew filmed a bicycle safety video they created. Read more

  • Yoobi-JF2_4431_PO266PS18X-Magnified.jpg

    Stretching Teacher's Choice This year, educators will have more Teacher’s Choice dollars to spend, and thanks to a new UFT partnership with Yoobi, those dollars can go further. Read more

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