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    Organize a project With the very idea of public education under attack, now is the time to show why you love your school. Find out how

  • Betsy DeVos, Donald Trump’s nominee for secretary of education, is grilled durin

    DeVos flunks first test In a contentious confirmation hearing, Betsy DeVos, Donald Trump’s pick for U.S. education secretary, made clear that she would use her position to promote private and charter schools at the expense of public schools. Read more

  • Teacher Alexandra Hernandez says reciprocal teaching “is like building a masterp

    Every child an educator In most classrooms, you’ll find one or two teachers. In Alexandra Hernandez’s bilingual special ed classroom at PS 257 in Brooklyn, there are 16. Read more

  • 120-Bklyn_PD_09.jpg

    One size doesn't fit all Educators at PS/IS 95 in Brooklyn come together in teams to explore Universal Design for Learning and ways of differentiating instruction for the school’s diverse population of learners. Read more

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We want to showcase the great things that are happening in our public schools every day, honor our students’ accomplishments and illustrate the joys of teaching and learning.
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