•  Larry Sachs (left) of PS 57 in the Bronx shares an idea with Jason Feliciano of

    Fighting for each other Some 1,600 UFT members came together at the union’s Spring Education Conference to recharge and recommit to making New York City the best urban school system in the nation. Read more

  • Seven people joined hands

    'Our destiny rests in our hands' With the U.S. Supreme Court possibly days away from issuing a ruling in the Janus v. AFSCME case, it's urgent that we understand what is at stake. Read more

  • Bubble Test

    Bill would halt test misuse A bill to uncouple state standardized test scores from teacher evaluations and delete them from students’ permanent records may be close to being approved by state lawmakers. Read more

  • Options

    Transferring schools If you want a new opportunity, wish to be closer to home or have been placed in excess, the Open Market Transfer Plan gives you the chance to apply for a position at another school. Read more

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Second grade special education teacher Nicole Mehlbrech (left) and second grade

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