• New standards to reduce paperwork

    A job well done The data proves it: The UFT’s new paperwork reduction reporting form gets results. Read more

  • Second-graders show off their face paintings.

    Night glow Bright blue glow sticks lit up the evening sky as 800 students, parents and community members circled the PS/MS 124 track in South Ozone Park, Queens at the Light It Up Blue Autism Walk. Read more

  • Family members pick up information on city resources provided by the Mayor’s Off

    Journeys toward 'better future' Teachers at PS 503 in Brooklyn invited their students’ immigrant parents to share their stories of exile, sacrifice and success at the Day of Democracy. Read more

  • Para Kevin Owens, teacher Antoinette Carvey and Sourav, their student at P 9.

    'Pure joy' A District 75 Public School Proud celebration in Queens honored nine students alongside the educators who are helping them succeed. Read more

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Join the UFT at the NYC Pride Parade on June 30

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Absences, Leaves & Sabbaticals
Under the UFT-DOE contract, teachers and other members have varying rights to absences, leaves and sabbaticals.
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