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    Awards for ground-breaking schools The ceremony will present special awards to schools that exemplify the union’s role in supporting the professional lives of UFT members. Read more

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    UFT targets curriculum, paperwork The UFT is intent on enforcing key contract provisions: to reduce excessive paperwork and to make sure the DOE provides educators in core subjects with curriculum. Read more

  • Disappearing kids - carousel

    Disappearing kids Eva Moskowitz’s Success Academy charter schools have plenty of vacant seats because children get dropped from their rosters and are never replaced. Read more

  • Fourth-graders add the finishing touches to their projects.

    At the heart of learning Students at PS 69 in Borough Park, Brooklyn benefit from a curriculum that infuses the arts into all academic subjects. Read more

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UFT Member Help Programs
The UFT has designed a number of programs, including counseling, mediation and teaching support, that specifically help members with a variety of life circumstances and challenges.
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