• Wearing hard hats and vests, students check out the view from the glass-enclosed

    Water system secrets Public tours of the Newtown Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant are offered just three times a year. But New York City public school students on class trips are welcome nearly every day. Read more

  • Noble's 2nd-graders enjoy sitting on these backless "wobble stools."

    Please sit — wherever Some teachers are using "flexible seating" by replacing most or all of the traditional furniture in their classrooms with a host of other options. Read more

  • Dental - generic

    Dental plan for family members The UFT’s Direct Access Dental Plan provides access to quality dental care at a discounted rate to UFT members’ family members not covered by the regular UFT dental plan. Read more

  • UFT files grievances on systemic problems with teacher evaluation process-carousel

    Grievances: Know your rights What should you do if you feel your contractual rights have been violated? Read more

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Here are free and low-cost opportunities for teachers to supplement traditional classroom learning with other educational experiences.
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