• Principal Sholom Fried in festive red, white and blue.

    Olympic effort PS 721, a District 75 school in Manhattan, saluted its very own Olympians — eight students who were part of the unified floor hockey team that won a bronze medal in the Special Olympics Winter Games.
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  • Devon Shanley (left) and Milo Chesnut were instrumental in implementing an all-g

    Respect for all Making a school safe and affirming for transgender students and teachers starts with making it that way for everyone. Read more

  • Sharing responsibility - 241-133

    Sharing responsibility Some schools in the Progressive Redesign Opportunity Schools for Excellence (PROSE) program have launched a shared-leadership initiative. Read more

  • Jennifer Nyro (left) Keriann Martin, an Integrated Co-Teaching team.

    In sync At CS 300 in the Bronx, two 1st-grade teachers have worked long and hard to perfect the art of co-teaching with joyful results. Read more

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The UFT’s guide to job opportunities for teaching and other positions within the New York City public school system.
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