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Teachers Nicholas Covotsos (left) and Jorge Soto contribute to the discussion at
Having fun and gaining confidence are two of the key goals of the weekly swimmin
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From the Edwize Blog

A bully principal with a grudge against the UFT gives the school’s chapter leader a rating of Ineffective, reflecting the principal’s animus toward the union, not the teacher’s job performance. A three-member appeals panel overturns the rating and orders the principal to submit a new rating. That is due process in action.


Meet the President: District 31 and Staten Island High Schools

UFT President Michael Mulgrew discussed high-stakes testing, the opt-out movement, Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s misguided education policies and teacher evaluations during a Meet the President gathering of nearly 200 District 31 and Staten Island high school members in a catering hall in the borough’s South Beach area.

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