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The PS 176 chorus from Queens performs under the direction of teacher Toni Colem
Ravitch signs copies of her book for Manhattan teachers
NYC Community Learning Schools Initiative
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From the Edwize Blog

Even a teacher who proclaims to "love tests" couldn't stomach the state's English language arts exam, which she called "developmentally inappropriate." In an op-ed titled "Why state exams fail my test," Brunski highlights the length and complexity of this year's ELA.


Federation of Nurses/UFT pair volunteer for relief effort in Philippines

Nurses Cora-Ann O’Regan and Kati Tannous, who work at Brooklyn’s Lutheran Medical Center, used their vacation time for a two-week mission to the Phillipines, where they treated the sick and injured at makeshift health clinics in the area hardest hit by Typhoon Haiyan.

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