• Noteworthy Grad - carousel

    Saved by his teachers Vernon Turner, a retired NFL football player, credits his 2nd-grade teacher and his high school football coach for helping him overcome childhood trauma. Read more

  • Generic iPad technology

    Digital assessment tools Assessing students is an essential part of the learning process. A variety of new tech tools to measure learning can make teachers' lives easier. Read more

  • Liam O'Malley and April Rosario lead pre-K students to the library.

    Pre-K crosses the road... ...to get to their local library for story hour in Bushwick to forge special connections with literacy. Read more

  • Twelfth-graders use a micropipette to measure out a sample.

    Down to a science Staten Island Technical HS teacher Bianca Brandon draws on her experience working for the Chief Medical Examiner's Office to make real-world connections. Read more

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The UFT’s Recreational Activities Department’s “Just for Fun” program offers group trips and discounts on movie tickets, theme parks, car rentals, and more.
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