• A sprouting onion gets the attention of two 3rd-graders.

    Fresh from the farm Vital Brooklyn, a collaboration between the UFT, the state Department of Agriculture and Grow New York City, aims to promote healthy and affordable eating through fresh produce markets at schools. Read more

  • Making a difference for their students 183-

    Making a difference for students An increase in state funding for NYC public schools topped the agenda for UFT members who traveled to Albany to meet with their state reps for Lobby Day. Read more

  • west-virginia-srtike

    Lessons from West Virginia strikes Teachers in West Virginia have proven adept at defending themselves and their students against a hostile Republican administration intent on undermining public education. Read more

  • Michael Mulgrew standing in front of podium and a large display screen

    New contract gives more voice It's important to implement the elements of the new contract that give members new ways to tackle workplace issues at the school level. Read more

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UFT election voting instructions and caucus statements
Read the statements of the four caucuses participating in the 2019 UFT elections. Ballots are due by April 16.
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