• Sparring gives students a safe outlet to release their energy.

    Have some 'punch' Boxing was a savior for Femi Guri growing up in war-torn Kosovo. Now a physical education teacher at PS 65 in the South Bronx, he believes that boxing could be a savior for his students. Read more

  • Generic image - teacher and students

    App scores points ClassDojo is a free app for engaging with students and parents that can be used on iPhones, Androids and desktop computers. Read more

  • UFT District 23 Representative Ualin Smith (left) and Grace Small, the chapter l

    Primary Day victories With the help of hundreds of UFT volunteers, Hillary Clinton, endorsed by the AFT, scored a decisive victory in the April 19 state primary. The union played a pivotal role in a Long Island Senate race as well. Read more

  • Help and hope rise from the ashes for beloved custodian - carousel

    Rising from the ashes After a fire gutted the apartment of a beloved custodian at IS 237 in Flushing, his school community rallied to give him help and hope. Read more

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Here are free and low-cost opportunities for teachers to supplement traditional classroom learning with other educational experiences.
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