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Astrowsky, Donin honored

Association of Orthodox Jewish Teachers awards

Astrowsky, Donin honored

Astrowsky (right) looks on as association member Herbert Lowenstein reads the inscription on his plaque.
Donin (right) accepts award from Stuyvesant HS colleague Michael Waxman.

The Association of Orthodox Jewish Teachers, which supports all Jewish personnel in the New York City public schools, honored UFT Assistant Secretary Robert Astrowsky with its prestigious Educational Leadership Award at its 41st annual luncheon at The Renaissance in Brooklyn on March 27. Astrowsky is the only person in the association’s history to have earned this award twice. Warren Donin, who has taught at Stuyvesant HS for the last 31 years of his 42-year career, and several other Department of Education personnel were also recognized as “outstanding educators.” Donin is a member of “Not Just Blacks and Jews in Conversation,” a civil rights organization, and is the instructor of a widely acclaimed class in “Race, Ethnicity and Gender Studies.” Astrowsky, who for four decades has served in many capacities as a labor activist and UFT officer and staff member, has been the recipient of many citations for excellence, including the UFT’s Albert Smallheiser, David Wittes and coveted Charles Cogen awards. “I am especially proud to receive this tribute honoring the rich legacy of Jewish educators whose commitment to teaching and educational excellence has been a hallmark in this city,” said Astrowsky. The Association of Orthodox Jewish Teachers has been instrumental in sensitizing the school system to issues of special concern to Jewish personnel.

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