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Benefit concert at PS 47, the Bronx

Librarian rocks

Pat Arnow The band Flashback 4, with school librarian Joanne Davis on bass, gets the crowd going at PS 42 in the Bronx.
Pat Arnow Davis is a rockin’ librarian.

Kids generally do not expect librarians to get on stage, pick up their electric guitars and slam out bass riffs with their rock bands — unless you’re a kid at PS 47 in the Bronx. For two years running, Joanne Davis and fellow rockers in the quartet Flashback 4 have put on benefit concerts at the Soundview/Parkchester school, raising money for the 5th grade’s end-of-year activities. On May 6, about 200 members of the school community turned out for a night of rock ’n’ roll, listening to classic tunes and watching 5th-graders do dance routines on stage and in the aisles. “It was the culmination of a couple of months of lunchtime rehearsals, and the kids performed even better than I expected. It was very exciting and gratifying,” said Davis, who taught at the school for six years before becoming a librarian three years ago. Chapter Leader Deborah Nesmith said the event “really got children into music and wanting to participate.” The 5th-graders danced and sang for two fun-packed hours to raise $500, which will go toward funding the prom and class trip. Davis thanked Richard Peay, assistant principal of the 5th grade, for his support, and the band members for donating their time and energy: keyboard player and lead singer Frank Imburgio, lead guitarist Guy Pezzulo and drummer Ray Ramos.

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