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District 29 tenure celebration

Products of hard work

Jonathan Fickies Green (second from left) and Magloire (second from right) are presented with gift boxes by colleagues from PS 136.
Jonathan Fickies IS 238 Principal Peter Leddy is thrilled for his school’s new tenure recipients, Tierney Castoro (center) and Samia Rahman.

For the second year in a row, newly tenured teachers in District 29 gathered for a celebration of their accomplishments. This year, 60 teachers were honored in a ceremony at PS/IS 208 in Bellerose, Queens, on Oct. 11. Many of the newly tenured teachers were accompanied by their principals, who gave short speeches praising each of the honorees. “Hearing about my principal’s trust in me means that all the efforts I’ve put in have been validated,” said Michelle Rand, a math teacher at MS 289 in Springfield Gardens. District 29 Representative Joyce Schwartz organized the event along with District 29 Superintendent Beverly Mitchell. Colleagues were on hand to fete the newly tenured teachers with flowers and balloons — and, for Danica Green and Barbara Magloire of PS 136 in St. Albans, a gift box overflowing with teaching supplies. Afterward, teachers snapped pictures in a homemade photo booth and squeezed congratulatory stress balls emblazoned with the hashtags #Tenure2017 and #QueensBoroughStrong. “A celebration like this shows the achievement that comes from the hard work and effort we put in on a daily basis,” said Tricia Latchman, a 2nd-grade teacher at PS 135 in Queens Village. “It was a really nice experience that made me feel appreciated.” Honorees received a certificate of congratulations from State Sen. Leroy Comrie. 

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