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‘Don’t Shoot NY’ march

Rally against gun violence

Rally against gun violenceBruce Colter UFT President Michael Mulgrew (above, center) joined elected officials, community activists and families who have lost loved ones to gun violence for an anti-violence march and rally on Feb. 27. The group, which included state Sen. Malcolm Smith and City Comptroller John Liu, marched from the United Nations to Times Square, where speakers addressed the crowd. Mulgrew shared his perspective that “quality education is a crucial foundation for children’s life success” and an antidote to gang membership, and called for the city to adequately fund programs that provide kids with after-school activities and alternatives to gangs. The event, called “Don’t Shoot NY,” was organized by Operation SNUG (guns spelled backward which stands for Stop! Never Use Guns), an initiative of the New York State Senate. The Senate is working with anti-violence community groups and law enforcement to find ways to cooperate and reduce gun violence. State Sen. Smith told the crowd that “gun violence affects us all — white or black, rich or poor. Illegal guns terrorize neighborhoods and tear apart families.” He expressed hope that working together, “We can return our streets to their rightful owners, the people of New York.”

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