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Federal bill would add teachers

Dave Sanders

The UFT is supporting new federal legislation sponsored by Queens Rep. Joe Crowley (below, second from left) that would provide funding to states and localities to prevent layoffs and spur the hiring of teachers and public safety officers. The legislation — the Teachers and First Responders Back to Work Act, which is one facet of President Obama’s omnibus jobs bill — would provide New York State with some $1.7 billion in added federal school aid. UFT Assistant Secretary Bob Astrowsky, attending the congressman’s press briefing in College Point on May 3, warned that close to 300,000 education jobs across the rest of the nation could be at risk in coming months due to budget cuts and other constraints. “This bill would reduce class sizes, restore crucial programs, classes and services, help ensure that schools are able to keep teachers in the classroom, and help preserve or extend the regular school day and support key after-school activities,” said Astrowsky (speaking, above).

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