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Remembering triumphs and tragedies

Fifth annual UFT Labor Seder

Miller Photography

Zuckerberg (left) and PS/IS 180, Brooklyn, teacher Matt Wolkowicz pass out the goodies to retiree Gloria Greenhut (seated, right) and Barbara Nahoum of PS/IS 226, Brooklyn. More photos >>

Miller Photography

Harvey Mayblum of PS 81 in Brooklyn reads a passage as he holds a matzo.

The UFT Jewish Labor Committee Educators’ Chapter/UFT Jewish Heritage Committee celebrated Passover through the eyes of the labor movement at the fifth annual Labor Seder held at UFT headquarters on April 12. "The labor Seder that we hold each year is special because we remember not only the Jews who were oppressed in Egypt thousands of years ago, but we also remember — through many of the passages we read and the great leaders of labor who we quote — the oppression that workers have gone through and labor’s commitment to fight for their honor and dignity," said UFT District 15 Representative Bob Zuckerberg, who organized the Seder, which was led by David Kazansky and Joel Shiller, co-chairmen of the committee. “Our Seder is a participatory happening going through a traditional Seder while at the same time remembering labor’s tragedies as well as its triumphs,” said Zuckerberg. Everybody is invited to the Seder, one of many events the committee holds each year.

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