Around the UFT

Great expectations

Miller Photography Barbara Gavey (left), an English as a second language teacher at Felisa Rincon de Gautier Institute for Law and Public Policy, has questions for District 9 Representative Carol Harrison and District 7 Representative Patricia Filomena (seated), while Karen Esdelle (standing, right), a math teacher at the Jill Chaifetz Transfer HS, looks on.
Pat Arnow Jamie Delango, a 6th-grade teacher at PS/MS 194, takes notes.

More than 20 expectant UFT members attended the Feb. 5 “Baby on the Way” workshop at the Bronx UFT office to learn about how to apply for maternity and child care leave and what their rights are. In addition to information, answers to their questions and union support, they went home with tiny T-shirts that read “Proud UFT Baby.”

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