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Meet the President: District 21

Miller Photography

UFT District 21 Representative Judy Gerowitz (left) chats after the meeting with Waukeskiah Smith of PS 288. More photos >>

Miller Photography Mulgrew addresses the crowd.
Miller Photography Scott Krivitsky of PS 188 asks a question.

District 21 members at a Meet the President event in Coney Island on Oct. 24 heard from both UFT President Michael Mulgrew and Secretary Michael Mendel, who assured members that “no new evaluation system is in place except at the 33 Restart and Transformation schools.” By law, the new system must first be negotiated with the UFT, he said. Mulgrew asked for a show of hands of whose class sizes had increased. About three in four raised their hands. After one member asked about observations, Mulgrew said, “If you’re going to observe people, why not do it in a way that moves instruction?” Special education teacher Tatum Metellus of PS 100 told the New York Teacher that a concern of all special ed teachers was ensuring that students received the services outlined in their Individualized Education Programs. She said many also dislike the Special Education Student Information System, better known as SESIS. “The first time I used it, it took seven hours to do one IEP,” she said. “It was all trial and error. The training was minimal to nothing. Even the SESIS trainers don’t know how to use it. Plus, they’re always changing it. Why not do it right the first time?

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