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Meet the president gathering

Meet the President: UFT-represented charter schools

UFT-represented charter schools

Dave Sanders Mulgrew with (from left) Ashley Agro of the Amber Charter School in Manhattan, Theresa Auletta of the Fahari Academy Charter School in Brooklyn and Jennifer Antolino, the chapter leader at Amber.
Dave Sanders Members from the Green Dot New York Charter School in the Bronx.
Dave Sanders Goldman addresses the group.

Nearly 400 educators from UFT-represented charter schools across the city turned out for a Jan. 25 Meet the President event with UFT President Michael Mulgrew at the union’s lower Manhattan headquarters. Mulgrew welcomed the educators, telling them that “this is your union hall.” He said, “Tonight we’re here to celebrate our struggles and our successes,” which are “so meaningful to the lives of so many.” Donial Rodriguez and Miguel Suarez from Green Dot New York Charter School in the Bronx and Jennifer Nelson, the chapter leader and a 7th-grade English language arts teacher at the Future Leaders Institute Charter School in Harlem, served as masters of ceremonies at the event, which also included a raffle and remarks by Anne Goldman, the UFT special representative responsible for the union’s charter-school organizing campaign. “It was a great opportunity for charter teachers to come together and socialize and for the UFT to open its doors to let charter teachers see that there are other unionized charter schools just like theirs,” said Rodriguez. Calling the event a “tremendous success,” Goldman said, “We were so happy so many members joined us to meet Michael, and we were very pleased that they enjoyed themselves.” The UFT represents teachers at 18 charter schools, including the UFT Charter School in Brooklyn. 

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