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Ninth annual New York City Dance Festival: Dancing to express

nyt20100616_43d.jpgTeacher Kathleen Isaac’s PS 165, Queens, 5th-grade dance company had the help of a choreographer trained in Chinese dances for their Chinese Fan Dance.

While the American Ballet Theater dancers were doing their cabrioles and plies at Lincoln Center, the New York City Dance Educators’ ninth annual Dance Festival was in full swing at UFT headquarters on May 23. Student dance troupes from across the city — chosen through auditions — presented a wide range of styles, most of them choreographed by their dance teachers. At the Sunday performances, the 100 or so parents attending rose to their feet cheering when teachers were asked to stand. After all, what standardized test can measure what the dancers have achieved? Julie Rubin, the dance educators secretary, stood in for Chair Allison Parsley.

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