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The president visits: MS 223, the Bronx

MS 223, the Bronx

Miller Photography Mulgrew (left) admires the gift he received from Principal Ramon Gonzalez while Chapter Leader Mary Hallinan (second from left) and Weingarten, with her gift, look on.
Miller Photography During the discussion, UFTer Stephanie Del Valle raises the issue of poverty in confounding educational success.
Miller Photography Mulgrew chats with visiting technology teacher Nicole Lentino in her computer class.

UFT members at MS 223, the Bronx, got two presidents for the price of one on May 9. That’s because when UFT President Michael Mulgrew made his early morning visit to the Laboratory School of Finance and Technology on May 9, he was joined by AFT President Randi Weingarten as part of her “Making a Difference Every Day” tour, which celebrates the tremendous work of AFT teachers and their success in helping students excel. Just one of the school’s big accomplishments: selection as a 2010 Intel School of Distinction. The honor came with $160,000 in grants and equipment from the computer chip maker to the predominantly Hispanic and low-income student body of 500. Mulgrew told the nearly 50 UFT members at the meeting, “It bothers me when teachers tell me ‘I’m leaving,’ and [leaving] is never about the kids. That’s why I can’t thank you enough for what you’re doing here.”

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