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PROSE at work in Bushwick-Williamsburg

On the same mission: Integrating schools

English teacher Katherine Clark (center) helps prepare a student for the difficuErica BergerEnglish teacher Katherine Clark (center) helps prepare a student for the difficult test.

About 55 7th-graders from neighboring middle schools have been spending busy Saturday mornings at a test-prep program initiated and led by Brooklyn Latin HS teachers to encourage and prepare local students who might otherwise feel too intimidated to compete with more advantaged students on the challenging entrance exam required for admission to Brooklyn Latin and the city’s eight other specialized high schools. The educators hope the tutoring program, implemented this February thanks to a PROSE grant, will help students from the area surrounding their Bushwick-Williamsburg school score high enough on the Specialized High School Admissions Test to stem the loss of diversity in their student population [see “Diverse course” in the Jan. 5 issue of the New York Teacher].

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