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Stopping the cycle

UFT anti-bullying parent workshop

Stopping the cycle

David Kazansky with UFT Manhattan Parent and Community Liaison Fran Streich Miller photography UFT School Safety Director David Kazansky (standing, right), with UFT Manhattan Parent and Community Liaison Fran Streich, stresses the need to “move toward a culture of respect” within every school building. He recommended discussing the issue in school leadership teams and PTA meetings, working with student leaders to create a culture where students — as well as educators — will stand up to bullying, and hosting ongoing assemblies during the school year to discuss the issue.
Evelyn Fergus asks a question Miller photography Evelyn Fergus (left), the parent of a 3rd-grader at PS 245 in Brooklyn, asks a question.

More than 60 parents, grandparents and education activists came to the UFT Manhattan borough office’s anti-bullying workshops held in the morning and evening of Feb. 16. There was a free exchange of ideas and topics as participants aired their concerns, asked questions and learned about how to handle bullying in the schools. Some parents came with questions about what to do for their children who are being bullied, including how to work with the school and the principal to see that the situation is remedied and doesn’t follow their child from school to school; others discussed online bullying and other forms that this age-old problem can take today.

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