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UFT Per Diem Committee meeting

Summer unemployment insurance discussed

Miller Photography Substitute teacher Joanna Cieszkowska listens as Bloom speaks about unemployment insurance appeals.
Miller Photography Committee Chair Mangone introduces the guest speaker.

Per diem substitute teachers were advised about the eligibility requirements for summer unemployment insurance at a general meeting of the UFT Per Diem Committee at union headquarters on June 16. Members also received information about the appeals process that would follow, in the event it is necessary. Jon Bloom, executive director of the Workers Defense League, an organization that advises all workers on their rights, was the guest speaker. New York State United Teachers Senior Counsel Claude Hersh provided legal direction during the lively question-and-answer period that followed. Rick Mangone, former chapter leader at Lafayette HS, chairs the committee, which represents 12,000 per diem substitutes, many of whom are retirees or actors and musicians who need flexible schedules.

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