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Timing and technique

UFT/NYC Dance Educators Dance Festival

Miller Photography

Modern from PS 315 Brooklyn. More photos >>

Miller Photography

Hip-hop from Long Island City HS.

Miller Photography

Swing from IS 52 in Manhattan.

Reading, writing and all that jazz. Dance — be it jazz, tap, ballet, hip-hop, modern, folk or any number of styles — is a basic joyous right of children, according to the UFT/New York City Dance Educators. The committee’s aims are to ensure that the city’s public school students have access to dance education and to support dance educators. Those efforts came together at the committee’s 10th annual Celebration of Dance Festival, which showcased the work of 180 students from 14 schools of different grade levels and celebrated their teachers. The work of the dance educators shone through the talents and confidence of their young dancers, reported Sandra Stratton-Gonzalez of PS 372 in Brooklyn, who is the festival organizer and was honored with an award at the April 27 event. More than 300 people turned out to celebrate with the committee, which is co-chaired by Carla Fazio of the Bronx Academy of Letters and Merideth Sheppard Perabo of the borough’s IS 118.

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