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UFT School Safety Award Recognition Dinner in Staten Island

Exemplary work recognized

The winners with UFT staff. Bruce Cotler

The winners with UFT staff.

Commander Wanda Acevedo, an awardee, with Coppola (center) and Joan McKeever-Tho Bruce Cotler

Commander Wanda Acevedo, an awardee, with Coppola (center) and Joan McKeever-Thomas, the borough’s UFT parent and community liaison.

For doing an exemplary job, for their professionalism and for being role models when it comes to grace under pressure, 15 Staten Island school safety agents and supervisors were recognized on May 28 by the UFT. The honorees, feted during an awards dinner at the Oriental Plaza restaurant in New Springville, “are dedicated to keeping our schools, children and staff safe from harm,” said Donna Coppola, the UFT Staten Island health and safety liaison and organizer of the event. Coppola emphasized that although generally supervisors are represented by the UFT and most school agents are not, there was absolutely no distinction made as about 80 people came together to honor these important members of the school community. One teacher came to especially thank School Safety Agent Anthony Musetti for saving her life during a violent school incident. Guests included UFT Director of School Safety David Kazansky, School Safety Division Director of Patrol Operations Ramon Garcia, Deputy Chief Executive Officer Galen Frierson and District 31 School Supervisor Erminia Claudio, among school staff and administrators.

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