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Union works with members from targeted schools

NYT20100401_11c.jpg UFT President Michael Mulgrew (above) explains the options to staff from schools targeted for state intervention at a meeting on March 17 at UFT headquarters. Under the U.S. Department of Education’s stepped-up oversight, states must identify their “persistently lowest-achieving schools” and their local districts must select one of four interventions. These range from total “transformation” to dismissing the principal and half the staff, to turning the school over to a charter operator to closing the school down. The city DOE said it will take no actions for September, but will begin a process of review, leading to a decision about which option to choose for each school. Standing in front of a huge banner reading “The UFT Is Here to Support You,” Mulgrew promised worried teachers that the union would help them advocate for the remedy they prefer. The more informed they become, the more influential they can be, he said. But, he warned, the final decision rests with the DOE.

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