Around the UFT

UFTers on the march

Veterans Day parade and ceremony

Miller Photography

Carrying the UFT banner at the ceremony are (from left) retiree Vera Campbell, UFT Director of Professional Committees George Altomare, retirees Fred Kapp, Richard Baron, Don Nobles and Guy Devaux, Committee Chair John Garvey, David Suker of Bronx Regional HS and retiree Robert Salerni.

Miller Photography

Suker, also a protester with Occupy Wall Street, distributes copies of the protest newspaper.

Members of the UFT Veterans Committee participated in the Veterans Day parade and wreath-laying ceremony in Madison Square Park on Nov. 11. Gen. David Petraeus was among the many speakers. UFT veterans have been participating in the annual event for the past 13 years and the union is among the sponsors of the observance.

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