Fight for paid parental leave for UFT members

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UFT members spend their days nurturing and supporting children, yet the city’s current parental leave policy forces members to choose between their own children and their profession.

It’s time that the city grants UFT members the paid parental leave they deserve. But we need your help to get it done.

Please send an email NOW to Mayor Bill de Blasio telling him to support paid parental leave for UFT members. And ask your local Council member to support the UFT push for paid parental leave.

Studies have shown time and again that babies benefit from being home with their parents in their first and most vulnerable weeks. Yet our current system forces new parents to choose between caring for their own children and earning a paycheck that may be crucial to their families.

Do you know how bad the current maternity leave policy is? Get the facts.

The UFT has continued to try to negotiate a fair and reasonable paid parental leave policy with the city ever since Mayor Bill de Blasio in December 2015 imposed a paid parental leave program on the city’s nonunion, managerial employees. That program included givebacks from the managerial employees that we won’t accept for our members. We want any new parental leave policy to cover both adoption and foster care.

It’s time for a public campaign.

A UFT member, Emily James, put it eloquently at a recent union meeting: “We dedicate our lives to taking care of other people’s children and we become their second mothers. And when we have our own, the system seems to have forgotten us.”

We hope you’ll join our fight.

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