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As a union member you have the right to play an important role in our union and its actions and policies. You will be able to vote in union elections and help choose the UFT's leadership team in your school and citywide. You can even run for union office. Only members can participate in the union's bargaining committee and take part in the contract ratification vote.

There is little financial advantage to remaining a non-member. Because the UFT represents you in contract negotiations and you are entitled to receive all the same health benefits, salary and working conditions the UFT negotiates for its members, state law requires that a fee equivalent to union dues be deducted from your paycheck even if you do not join the UFT. But there are many things non-members are missing out on.

As a full-fledged union member, you can participate in money-saving group insurance plans and low-cost legal and financial service plans, and you can get discounts on travel, entertainment and sports events.

You can enroll in the UFT if you are a newly appointed or in-service agency fee payer or a New York City Department of Education pedagogue, paraprofessional, hourly group or retiree.

Joining the union is a two-step process: First you must sign up on the UFT website if you have not already, and then you must click the button below to enroll in the union.

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