Say no to lower certification standards in charter schools

Fully licensed teachers in traditional public schools must have a master's degree in education, pass state certification and content area exams, complete supervised student teaching, and take additional professional courses throughout their career.

But the State University of New York, driven by the powerful charter lobby, is weighing a proposal to allow some charter schools to create their own special teaching license for anyone who finishes 30 hours of instruction and works 100 hours in a classroom.

SUNY’s proposal would undermine New York State’s decades-long effort to ensure a highly qualified teacher in every classroom.

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Many charter schools, most of which lack union representation, have been plagued with high teacher turnover as staff leave rather than accept teaching to a script, discriminatory discipline codes and counseling out children who don't fit the charter school's narrow mold.

Charter schools need to address these workplace issues. The answer is not to cut corners on certification.

The public comment period for the state’s proposal, called Alternative Teacher Certification Compliance Pathways for SUNY Charter Schools, opened on July 26 and will remain open for 45 days.

Voice your opposition to SUNY now!

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