Stop adding new charter schools

Maintain charter cap campaign banner

The charter school lobby is at it again. It is making a big push this spring to raise the cap and increase the number of charter schools in New York City.

We have to stop them — and protect our public schools.

Please join us in a #PublicSchoolProud campaign to maintain the current charter cap and to demand more transparency and accountability from the charter industry in New York State.

To help the charter school industry expand, former Mayor Michael Bloomberg and his schools chancellor, Joel Klein, began making the private contact information of New York City public school students available to charter schools. Charter schools then marketed their schools directly to public school families.

We need your help to end this invasive practice. Tell Mayor Bill de Blasio to stop divulging our students' confidential information.

The city DOE is already spending more than $2.1 billion on charter schools in the five boroughs. The DOE estimates that the city’s bill for providing free rent to charter schools will jump from $57 million in fiscal year 2019 to $89 million in the coming fiscal year. That’s funding that traditional public schools need.

Yet even as the share of public dollars sent to charter schools grows, the New York charter sector resists any efforts to hold it accountable. Charter school operators like Success Academy CEO Eva Moskowitz balk at all attempts at government oversight. They refuse to accept and keep all students or to give the public a full accounting of how they spend their billions of dollars.

Read UFT President Michael Mulgrew's op-ed in the New York Daily News about charter schools »

Read Mulgrew's New York Teacher column about charter school accountability »

When you join the campaign, we will keep you informed about how you can help us to support traditional public schools and hold charter schools accountable.

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