Vote NO on a Constitutional Convention

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On the back of the Nov. 7 ballot where referendum questions appear, New Yorkers will be asked if a constitutional convention should be held to amend the state’s constitution. Shady interests are financing a campaign to encourage New Yorkers to vote yes because they want to rewrite our state’s laws for their benefit.

We have a lot to lose.

A New York State constitutional convention could:

  • Drain money from public schools for vouchers
  • Threaten public employee pensions
  • Eliminate workers’ rights to form a union
  • Endanger New York’s natural treasures in the Adirondack and Catskills mountains
  • Deprive workers of the right to Workers’ Compensation
  • Curtail access to reproductive health care

Help us get out the NO vote!

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Wall Street billionaires, big corporations and right-wing nationalists see a constitutional convention as a singular opportunity to roll back the rights and protections that New York families depend on. With those interests holding sway in our federal government, state-level protections are more critical than ever.

A state constitutional convention is a con. Insiders pushing it will promise you everything, but they really want to take away your rights.

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Help us spread the word on social media by using the hashtags #ItsACon and #VoteNoConCon.

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