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NAACP State Conference’s quarterly conference at UFT headquarters

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Mulgrew discusses evaluations, other topics

Mulgrew discusses evaluations, other topics

Miller Photography Mulgrew looks on as Dukes reminds the audience about the long history of mutual support between the UFT and the NAACP.
Miller Photography The packed audience bursts into applause during Mulgrew’s remarks.

The UFT hosted the NAACP State Conference’s quarterly conference on Jan. 14. NAACP New York State President Hazel Dukes introduced UFT President Michael Mulgrew, who welcomed and addressed the 250 participants, briefing them on his concerns about the state of education in light of the mayor’s and governor’s recent State of the City and State of the State addresses, respectively. Mulgrew reminded the audience about the UFT’s open letter to parents in the Jan.

Functional chapter training

Around the UFT

Weekend tuneup

Miller Photography Participants pay close attention during a workshop.
Miller Photography Working on a task together are (from left) Aggoussata Boundy of New York French American Charter School in Harlem, Mary Frances Hopkins of the Opportunity Charter School in Harlem, UFT staffer Richard O’Brien and Anna Lambert of the New York City HS for Architecture, Engineering and Construction Industries in the Bronx.

More than 340 key activists from the union’s 14 functional chapters took part in a series of plenaries, practical workshops and small-group and informal discussions aimed at training the union’s grassroots leadership over the Jan. 21 weekend. The goal was to help them learn to become more effective leaders not only in the schools, but among parents and community members and in the political-action arena.

Retired Teachers Chapter political action volunteers honored

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‘Powerful’ team

Cara Metz The camera captures some of the honorees posing with Murphy and Mulgrew (back row).
Cara Metz Retiree activist Mildred Speiser shows off her plaque and speaks of her days in Cleveland as “grassroots action, talking one to one with people in homes being foreclosed and in mansions,” as Teresa Alejandro (seated, left) and Betty Gottfried listen.
“You don’t know how important you are.” That’s how UFT President Michael Mulgrew greeted Retired Teacher Chapter members at a reception at union headquarters in their honor on Jan. 18 for their work against anti-union forces in Wisconsin, Ohio and Florida last year.

Meet the president: District 10

Around the UFT
Miller Photography

Mulgrew addresses the group.

Miller Photography

UFT District 10 Representative Marcus Escobar (standing) meets with PS 54 teacher John Lewis and MS 390 paraprofessional Rosemary Carrsquillo.

Miller Photography

Lawrence makes her comment about SESIS.

Just hours after Mayor Michael Bloomberg lashed out at the UFT during his State of the City address on Jan. 12, UFT President Michael Mulgrew held a Meet the President event with District 10 members. PS 32 Chapter Leader Jerry Power, whose school’s student chorus performed at the mayor’s address, said he was pleased with the performance of the students but not with the mayor’s message. In introducing Mulgrew, UFT Bronx Borough Representative Jose Vargas reminded members, “Whether there are issues in your school or not, an injury to one is an injury to all.

The president visits: PS 53, Brooklyn

Around the UFT
Dave Sanders
Mulgrew chats with Richard Nonnon, a paraprofessional at the school. Dave Sanders

Mulgrew chats with Richard Nonnon, a paraprofessional at the school.

PS 53 Chapter Leader Pierre Labissiere with Mulgrew. Dave Sanders

PS 53 Chapter Leader Pierre Labissiere with Mulgrew.

What you see is what you get — the unity in the photo above truly represents the educators at PS 53 in Brooklyn, “a great school, which is a testament to the great teachers and administrators working together,” UFT President Michael Mulgrew said during his Jan. 25 visit. The District 75 school in East New York prides itself on helping all children succeed academically. Mulgrew discussed the struggle to reach a fair teacher evaluation system for New York City’s teachers.

UFT Teacher Center training on Danielson Framework for Teaching

Around the UFT

Principals, teachers working together

Miller Photography

Principal Gentile and Chapter Leader Silver of the HS for Health Professions and Human Services work together at the training.

Miller Photography

Teacher Center staffer Rita Danis addresses the group.

Miller Photography

Teacher Victoria Curto of PS 180, Manhattan, asks a question while teacher Michael Lee of PS 282, Brooklyn, looks on.

Hundreds of chapter leaders and administrators turned out in January for UFT Teacher Center-led training sessions in Queens and Manhattan on the Danielson Framework for Teaching. With the encouragement of their union, principals showed up in large numbers. The UFT uninvited the DOE after the mayor attacked the union in his State of the City address. Working in teams, chapter leaders and principals from Manhattan schools on Jan. 24 discussed the elements of an ideal classroom and learned more about the framework pioneered by educator Charlotte Danielson.

AFT Black Caucus visits Harlem Hospital Center

Around the UFT

Gifts for sick kids

UFT and hospital staff, including Burton-Myrick (in elf suit) and Dr. HutchinsonMiller PhotographyUFT and hospital staff, including Burton-Myrick (in elf suit) and Dr. Hutchinson (back, third from left) join Preston (back, third from right) to get the gifts ready for distribution. For the second year in a row, the AFT Black Caucus partnered with Harlem-based Johnson Design Consulting to provide year-end holiday cheer and toys for children in the pediatric ward and emergency room at Harlem Hospital Center.

Heavenly food in Hell’s Kitchen

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Food & Finance HS serves up ...

Miller Photography UFT Vice President Sterling Roberson (center) gets a lesson in chopping under the watchful eyes of Chapter Leader Geoffrey “Chef Geoff” Tulloch (left) and culinary arts students at Food and Finance HS in Manhattan.

Conversation flies as visitors dig in at a banquet where food and education meet. Words like “crostini” mingle with “curriculum”; “graduation rate” with “gorgonzola.”

About two dozen young chefs, along with their culinary arts teachers at Food and Finance HS, stand behind long tables laden with the kinds of food one reads about in magazines but rarely gets to eat. Olive tampenade. Curried chicken mousse. Yucca cake with caramelized onions and parmesan. Dainty, perfect French pastries.

Annual Breast Cancer Update

Around the UFT

Good news — much success from current treatment

Dr. Norton addresses participants.Miller PhotographyDr. Norton addresses participants. Esther Liss-Turner of the helpline staff asks a question.Miller PhotographyEsther Liss-Turner of the helpline staff asks a question. Regular mammograms and early detection are still the top strategies when it comes to getting the best outcomes for breast cancer, according to Dr. Larry Norton, the deputy physician-in-chief and director of breast cancer programs at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in Manhattan. Norton addressed some 130 people on Dec.

Rally for Washington Irving HS, Manhattan

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'It’s about politics’

Rally for Washington Irving HS, ManhattanMiller Photography

UFT Vice President for Academic High Schools Leo Casey (right) stands with Washington Irving HS Chapter Leader Gregg Lundahl during a rally on Dec. 20 in support of the school, which the Department of Education plans to close. “What failed here is not Washington Irving, but the Department of Education,” Casey told the protesters. “The mayor’s policies create schools that are separate and unequal. This is not about educational merit, it’s about politics.”

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