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NYC teachers heading to suburbs for higher pay, better working conditions

Underscoring the need for raises and better working conditions to be negotiated in the next teachers’ contract, UFT President Michael Mulgrew warned on March 12 that New York City schools were losing thousands of Brain-drain-3-smaller teachers to the surrounding suburbs, which pay more and have lower class sizes and better teaching conditions.

In the past 11 years, more than 32,000 New York City teachers resigned, with more than one in eight leaving for teaching jobs on Long Island and the counties to the north, new union research revealed.

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Contract talks ‘moving pretty well’

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DA report

President's report

Resolutions: Five get approval

five-get-approval-1Miller PhotographyUFT founders (standing, from left) Leo Hoenig, George Altomare and Abe Levine are cheered as delegates consider a resolution honoring the 54th anniversary of the union’s founding.

The delegates passed the following resolutions:

  • To support the California Teachers Union in its fight to preserve due process and seniority rights in a lawsuit brought against it by an organization funded by a billionaire conservative activist;
  • To support teachers from two Chicago schools who participated in a parent-led boycott of a standardized test that is being phased out;
  • To support Avonte’s Law, which would fund devices to track autistic children for parents who wish to have them;
  • To honor the 54th anniversary of the founding of the UFT; and
  • To honor the 60th anniversary of the Brown v. Board of Education decision by the U.S. Supreme Court that ruled against segregation in public schools.

UFT President Michael Mulgrew told delegates at their monthly meeting on March 19 that the union’s contract talks with the Department of Education have intensified in recent weeks.

“These talks are moving pretty well,” he said. “We have a partner who wants to treat us like professionals.”

The three arbitrators in the fact-finding panel are now serving as mediators in the negotiations.

Mulgrew said that the talks have focused not only on wages but also on improving working conditions and giving teachers a greater professional voice at the school level.

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Teacher exodus must be stopped

President's perspective

mulgrew.jpgMichael Mulgrew, UFT President

As we negotiate a new contract with the Department of Education, the question is not whether the city can afford to give raises, but whether it can afford not to. And the answer is simple — it can’t.

If New York is serious about rebuilding a first-class school system, then the DOE must sign a fair contract that takes into consideration the years during which we worked without an agreement, that will allow us to recruit and retain the talented educators that our students need, and that recognizes and respects the hard work we do.

Contract talks have begun with DOE

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President's report

UFT President Michael Mulgrew gives his report. Miller Photography

UFT President Michael Mulgrew gives his report.


Two measures approved

Kevin Prosen, the chapter leader at IS 230 in Jackson Heights, introduces a motiMiller PhotographyKevin Prosen, the chapter leader at IS 230 in Jackson Heights, introduces a motion in support of Portland, Ore., teachers, who were taking a strike vote that night.

The delegates unanimously approved a pair of resolutions, including one not on the day’s original agenda.

A motion was introduced by Kevin Prosen, the chapter leader at IS 230 in Jackson Heights, to support teachers in Portland, Ore., who were taking a strike vote that night. The teachers set a Feb. 20 strike deadline.

The motion received the two-thirds vote necessary to get on the February agenda and, after both Prosen and Assistant Secretary LeRoy Barr spoke in favor and no one spoke in opposition, the body voted to approve it.

Assistant Secretary LeRoy Barr speaks in favor of the motion to back the PortlanMiller PhotographyAssistant Secretary LeRoy Barr speaks in favor of the motion to back the Portland teachers.

The other resolution thanked Assistant Treasurer Mona Romain for her years of service as teacher member of the Teachers’ Retirement System board and recommended the nomination of pension Special Representative Tom Brown to replace her.

Romain is stepping down from the position she has held since 1998.

The UFT has begun meeting with the Department of Education about the expired DOE contracts, UFT President Michael Mulgrew announced during his report to the Delegate Assembly on Feb. 5.

“I’m putting our negotiating committee on notice: There is talking going on,” he said.

UFT members employed by the DOE have been working without a contract since October 2009. Besides salary and retroactive pay, he said, “teacher evaluations and paperwork are two other key issues that must be addressed.”

He said more meetings were scheduled for the following week.

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Union aims for contract by end of June

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DA Report

President's report

UFT President Michael Mulgrew told the Delegate Assembly in January that the union hopes to have a new contract by the end of June.

That is important, he said, because the union wants whatever changes it negotiates to the teacher evaluation system and to other working conditions to be in place by September.

“We cannot do that unless we have a contract that is done and ratified by the end of the school year,” he told delegates in a packed hall at UFT headquarters on Jan. 15.

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Resolution calling for members to join in effort toward securing new contract

Union resolutions

WHEREAS the United Federation of Teachers has been working under an expired contract with the Department of Education since Nov. 1, 2009 due to the Bloomberg administration’s refusal to negotiate fairly with the union for a new contract; and

WHEREAS as part of the process to win a fair contract, the union is winding up fact-finding before an independent labor relations panel, after which the panel will issue a nonbinding recommendation that could set the terms for a new contract; and

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Fact-finding proceeds through fall

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The UFT has its last scheduled fact-finding hearing for a new contract on Nov. 4. After the final hearing, both the union and the Department of Education will have an opportunity to submit post-hearing briefs.

After the submission of post-hearing briefs, the next step will be for the fact-finding panel to render a nonbinding recommendation designed to help the union and the DOE craft a final settlement. There is no timetable for when the panel will issue its recommendation.

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Wearing blue, seeing red

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Thousands of UFT members join huge protest at mayor’s doorstep

Pat Arnow

UFT officers lead the group over the Brooklyn Bridge.
 More photos >>

Miller Photography

Members from PS 12, the Lewis and Clark School, in the Bronx.

Pat Arnow

Sameemah Mahmood, a teacher at PS 243 in Brooklyn.

Everywhere was a sea of UFT blue as thousands of teachers, chanting and carrying signs, joined thousands more public-sector workers for the Fair Contracts for All Rally outside City Hall on June 12.

In a stark display of anger directed at the mayor, members from the unions making up the Municipal Labor Committee representing 300,000 city workers came together to demand fair contracts from Mayor Bloomberg, who has refused to negotiate in good faith with any of the unions.

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June 12, 2013

Massive City Hall rally to call for fair contracts

UFT members joined off-duty police officers, firefighters and city office workers to demand fair contracts and back pay. UFT educators have not had a contract, or a raise, in four years since the UFT-DOE contract expired in October 2009.


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