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Kids’ letters to Santa answered — and then some

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UFT Brooklyn Borough Representative Howard Schoor (third from right), district representatives and office staff arrive bearing gifts at New Horizons Shelter.

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A monetary cap for buying gifts was established “but everyone ignored it,” said Brooklyn UFT Special Representative Tony “Santa” Sclafani.

One of the children wanted a coat for Christmas. Others wanted bedsheets. Fifty dollars. A long-sleeved shirt “because it’s getting really cold.” A few bags of Chex-Mix snacks. Socks. A gift certificate to McDonald’s.

When the “Dear Santa” letters with their wish lists arrived from a Brownsville family shelter, there was hardly a dry eye at the Brooklyn UFT office.

“Please can I have a bit of candy and see Santa!” — Marcus

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UFT spreads holiday cheer for homeless kids

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UFT President Michael Mulgrew, Vice President Karen Alford and a group of children are tickled by the sight of Elmo.

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Queens teachers Diane Yodice (left) of PS 89 and Diane Chiauzzi of PS 153 see that the children are on task with their coloring.

A boy is smiling, with bendable glow wands stacked around his neck like a collar worn by sci-fi royalty.

A little girl is reaching up to put a big necklace of the glowing links around the neck of Brobee, the green-striped character from the “Yo Gabba Gabba” TV show, but can’t get it over his huge fuzzy head.

As the guy in the Brobee suit waves and prances, the youngest children take the little stuffed animals from their toy bags and hold them out to him as if for a blessing.

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UFT Hispanic Affairs Committee hosts Three Kings Day celebration

Around the UFT

Continuing a tradition

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Three kings Gustavo, Siramane and Philip lead children and parents to a wondrous room filled with toys. More photos >>

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Checking out their options are (from left) Jeremiah and Isaiah with their uncle Angel Moran on one side and Yasheika (in white) with her mom Yajaira Garcia and baby Valeria on the other side.

Miller Photography

Elizabeth Colon with her grandchildren Dangy and Michelle, who look pleased with their choices.

They may have been the three kings, but they seemed like Pied Pipers as they led entranced children (and their parents and grandparents) toward the beautiful gifts that awaited them.

On Jan. 6 — Three Kings Day — the UFT’s Bronx borough office was transformed for a festive children’s party. There was a reading of the story of the three kings (or wise men) in both Spanish and English and a tasty dinner, but the highlight came when each child got to choose a favorite gift from an enticing array laid out before them by the kings.

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‘We have the same needs and goals’

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Annual UFT Parent Conferences

Queens parent conf: Assemblywoman Grace Meng meets with parents

Queens parent conference: Assemblywoman Grace Meng meets with parents Sunita Suvasia, with a child at PS 212, and Seema Nawa, with a child at PS 69.

Bronx parent conference: At a Power Over Diabetes workshop, health educator Yami Bruce Cotler

Bronx parent conference: At a Power Over Diabetes workshop, health educator Yamileth Martinez gives a thorough overview of Types 1 and 2 diabetes, insulin resistance and deficiency, and how to control blood sugar.

More than 2,000 parents, grandparents and guardians turned out for annual conferences organized by the UFT in every borough on Saturdays this fall, each focusing on topics selected by parents for parents.

The full-day events, which included exhibitors, gave parents plenty of information and resources to use and share.

UFT President Michael Mulgrew attended each conference and told participants that he was pleased to see that their concerns are getting more attention from elected officials and the press these days. 

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'Look where we are today'

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1,100 celebrate UFT activism at annual ceremony

UFT President Michael Mulgrew welcomes everyone to the 51st annual Teacher UnionMiller PhotographyUFT President Michael Mulgrew welcomes everyone to the 51st annual Teacher Union Day celebration.

It was their moment, whether they were young UFT members just finding their union voice or longtime activists without whom the UFT would not be what it is.

What the union is, in addition to its everyday function as an advocate for the city’s public school students and educators, said UFT President Michael Mulgrew in his opening remarks at the Nov. 6 Teacher Union Day, is a national symbol of hope for workers whose rights are under attack.

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‘Someone is remembering your teaching’

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Famed author among those who addresses educators at sendoff

Miller Photography Retired elementary school chapter leaders.
Miller Photography Retired Teachers Chapter Leader Tom Murphy and Director of Retiree Programs Gerri Herskowitz (right) present a proclamation to keynote speaker Bel Kaufman.
Miller Photography UFT President Michael Mulgrew addresses the group.

“I’m 100 years and six months old,” Bel Kaufman told a ballroom filled with retirees — and from there she had them rolling in the aisles.

The former teacher and author of the best-selling 1960s novel “Up the Down Staircase” stole the show at the Retired Teachers Chapter’s annual luncheon for 1,300 new retirees at the Hilton Hotel in Manhattan on Nov. 15.

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New Jersey Section 21st Annual Luncheon

Retired teachers chapter news

Stark’s work cited

Hilda Stark, who recently stepped down as coordinator of the Retired Teachers Chapter’s New Jersey Section, was honored by UFT President Michael Mulgrew, RTC Leader Tom Murphy, Section Coordinator Angela Reformato-Solomon and Sandra March, one of the union’s pension trustees, at the section’s 21st Annual Luncheon on Oct. 31 at the Forsgate Country Club in Monroe Township. Stark also received a proclamation from the state of New Jersey at the event.

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