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DOE Guidance on Proctoring for Regents Exams

Regents exams will be administered on Monday, Jan. 22, and in the meantime, school administators have been distributing assignments to staff for the day of the exam. The DOE issued this guidance to administrators in the Jan. 9 Principal's Weekly:

Proctoring Guidelines: Please note that paraprofessionals and school aides cannot serve as test-room proctors. You should instead schedule paraprofessionals and school aides to serve as hall monitors to ensure that students do not leave the test room unescorted until they have completed their exam and the uniform admission deadlines (i.e., deadlines by which all students must begin testing) have passed. Guidance counselors cannot serve as test-room proctors or hall monitors unless it is an emergency (i.e., other staff are unavailable).

If you are assigned as a proctor or hall monitor, please contact Rosemarie Thompson at Please also inform your school's UFT chapter leader and mention these guidelines from the Principal's Weekly.

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