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DOE snow day policy for Jan. 4

Due to severe weather conditions, New York City public schools will be closed on Thursday, Jan. 4. The Department of Education has the following policy for certain employees including members of this chapter.

For school-based staff:

Follow your supervisor’s directive, which may be received either in person, by telephone and/or email. 

For staff who normally report to central and field offices:

While schools are closed, central and field offices remain open, including those offices which are located in school buildings. All central and field office staff should report to work or utilize annual leave.

If you have any questions regarding snow-day protocols, please contact your direct supervisor.

If you can't go safely to your job, a snow day will be counted as a personal day. If you need to contact me, please email me at Please remember to include your site location, job title, borough, phone number and your non-DOE email address in your email to me.

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