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Education Officers and Analysts chapter leader nomination process, election and responsibilities

With the retirement of the chapter leader of the Education Officers and Analysts Chapter earlier this year, the UFT is now holding an election for the chapter leader. To that end, the UFT has sent nominating forms to the home addresses of members of this chapter. The nominating forms are due back June 1. Ballots will be sent shortly after that.

The incoming chapter leader will complete the current term, which ends in May 2019.

The chapter leader of the Education Officers and Education Analysts will have one day release time to conduct union business as per the stipulation between the UFT and the DOE.

The role of the chapter leader has singular importance in the United Federation of Teachers.The chapter leader is the vital link between the member and the DOE administration, as well as the union’s officers, borough representatives and district representatives. Members who are considering running for this office should understand the many responsibilities they must fulfill. These include:

  1. Holding monthly chapter meetings
  2. Establishing a chapter consultation committee, which should meet regularly, and meeting twice a year with the DOE
  3. Ensuring the contract is enforced properly and services are provided
  4. Representing all chapter members in informal resolution of problems with the administration and in grievances
  5. Encouraging members’ involvement in the union by advising members of meetings, programs and other chapter and unionwide events
  6. Attending the Delegate Assembly, district and citywide chapter leader meetings, and other union meetings
  7. Distributing and collecting union membership applications and submitting them to the UFT Membership Department
  8. Encouraging participation in VOTE/COPE by the members and collecting VOTE/COPE check-off cards
  9. Bringing citywide union issues to the attention of the central UFT staff and reporting back to members decisions of the Delegate Assembly
  10. Providing for informal resolution of problems between members
  11. Serving as a resource for members about pensions, health coverage and other matters
  12. Producing a chapter newsletter
  13. Working with the UFT Liaison and UFT Special Representative
  14. Inviting union speakers to monthly chapter meetings
  15. Providing voter registration materials to members
  16. Taking the lead in seeking to ensure that the health, welfare and rights of members are protected
  17. Disseminating UFT newsletters, brochures, fliers and other materials
  18. Participating in the union’s campaigns and other activities
  19. Attending training sessions to learn how to better serve members
  20. Distributing UFT Welfare Fund forms
  21. Protecting the confidentiality of all members
  22. Leading the chapter in discussion, development and implementation of educational, labor and other policies in DOE worksites in accordance with union policy

While it is imperative that a chapter have a chapter leader, it is also essential that the person who accepts this role fulfills the responsibilities that go along with the title.

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