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How nurse supervisors can calculate their gross annual salary

How to figure out your annual salary by looking at your biweekly paycheck

  1. Add together the recurring gross, recurring education differential and recurring longevity differential that appear on your paychecks.
  2. Divide the total by 14 (for the number of calendar days).
  3. Multiply that amount by 365 (366 during a leap year).

How to understand your paycheck

There are three components that make up the gross annual salary for nurse supervisors:

  • Base plus experience differential
  • Education differential
  • Longevity differential

Consult the nurse supervisors’ salary schedule to find your pay and longevities »

Here is an example based on our Sept. 1, 2014 salary schedule.

This is based on a nurse supervisor who is at top salary with a master’s degree and 22 years longevity.

$73,801                  Annual salary

    2,749                 Annual education differential

  15,128                 Annual longevity

$91,678                 Total annual salary

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