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Important news for Adult Education Chapter members

Throughout the past year and during the summer, the UFT has continued to work on behalf of the Adult Education Chapter, and we wanted to tell you about some of our accomplishments. We’ve won some important grievances and have given Adult Education Chapter members a bigger voice in consultation meetings.

I’m happy to report that among the grievances we settled is one that involved a dispute concerning hours and resulted in thousands of dollars in back pay for members, including some who have retired in the interim. Going forward, adult education teachers may work up to 36 hours a week as is stated in the UFT contract with the city.

We are working toward resolving union-initiated grievances including one concerning the day rate for adult education teachers and the hiring of substitutes to cover adult education classes if a teacher is absent. In addition, we soon hope to resolve a number of personnel issues.

Despite the complexity of these negotiations, we are optimistic that we can resolve these issues to our satisfaction. I’d like to take a moment to thank the Department of Education for working with us. This collaborative approach is taking place citywide with the UFT and the DOE eager to engage in problem-solving. We all know that when we work together, looking for real solutions, our students benefit.

To that end, the UFT and the DOE have agreed to expand the Adult Education Chapter consultation committee to ensure your voices and expertise are heard and that issues are brought to the forefront and quickly resolved. The committee will now include officers from central UFT as well as officials from central DOE. The first committee meeting of the year will be scheduled later this month.

I have appreciated hearing from members of the Adult Education Chapter, who have kept me abreast of issues. I look forward to our continued discussions. I hope to see all of you at a meet-and-greet for the Adult Education Chapter, which we are planning in the near future. An invitation will be forthcoming.

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