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Medicare Part B reimbursements for retirees

Even though 2016 Medicare Part B premiums varied depending on a retiree’s Medicare eligibility date, the city reimbursed all retirees at the same base rate of $104.90. Retirees who became Medicare-eligible in 2016 should have received the higher reimbursement of $121.80, but instead got only the base rate of $104.90.

 The city has put a priority on programming for the reimbursement differential amount so retirees will be made whole as quickly as possible.  

The UFT will monitor the city’s progress and keep affected retirees updated.

Affected retirees can calculate what they are owed by multiplying the differential by the number of months they were eligible for Medicare last year.

Check the Retired Teachers Chapter page for updates.           

Starting this year, Medicare Part B Reimbursement and IRMAA checks will be issued in the same year.  

If you paid a Medicare Part B income-related monthly adjustment amount (IRMAA) during calendar year 2016 (which means more than the standard Medicare Part B monthly premium for 2016), you are entitled to additional reimbursement.

The New York City Office of Labor Relations will now begin processing IRMAA 2016 applications and the payment will be issued starting in October 2017.

 Thereafter, all future reimbursements will be issued in June for Medicare Part B and starting in October for IRMAA of the same calendar year.

Download the IRMAA reimbursement application.

If you have any questions regarding the IRMAA reimbursement, please call a UFT health consultant at 1-212-598-7726.

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