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Occupational and Physical Therapists Chapter consultation meeting minutes

Consultation meeting of the UFT and NYC Department of Education

Date of meeting: May 1, 2013

In attendance:

  • UFT: Leslie McDonnell, OT/PT chapter leader, and Laura Tamburo, special representative and therapist liaison.
  • DOE: OT director Suzanne Sanchez, PT director Carlo Vialu and new OT managers Darnell Young and Cynthia Boone.

The following was discussed:

  • The DOE is naming three managers for each discipline. Cynthia Boone, Darnell Young and Sean Gardner are the newly hired OT managers. The three PT manager positions have not yet been filled.
  • Positions for OT supervisors were posted with the posting due to close on May 16, 2013.
  • Both Carlo and Suzanne will help oversee both the D1-32 and D75 summer positions.
  • Regarding SESIS, therapists unable to complete SESIS during work hours are to contact their supervisor and, in collaboration with the principal, determine what non-direct mandates can be eliminated.
  • Supervisors are expected to make a site visit for this purpose in order to provide support to therapists.
  • The transfer vacancy list for next year will be distributed shortly.
  • The DOE goal is to transition D75 therapists and D1-32 therapists to be under the auspices of the Office of Related Services. No date has been set yet for this to happen. The goals are to have the same policy and procedures for all therapists.
  • As a first step to meeting these goals, the UFT and the Office of Related Services will meet on June 5 to discuss paperwork and administrative forms. (We also will be addressing the Justification Form.)
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