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Resolution of Adult Education Chapter grievances

After lengthy negotiations, the UFT was able to resolve a number of grievances, including two union-initiated grievances, for the Adult Education Chapter via a stipulation, which is a formal legal acknowledgment and agreement.

There will be two placement centers: one for adult education teachers who want to change their schedule and/or need hours to complete their schedule; and a second for adult education teachers who need additional hours to reach 36 hours. The DOE is establishing an email address where adult education teachers can inform the DOE of their intent to retire so that their classes will be available at the placement centers. The selection of hours will be done by seniority in license.

As a result of this stipulation, more than 20 adult education teachers will receive payment due them from individual grievances. (The union will contact these members separately.)

In addition, the stipulation includes provisions for:

  • when a class an adult education teacher was scheduled to teach closes;
  • codifying professional development and paperwork time
  • coverage pay for adult education teachers covering classes regardless of the time of day

Parts of this agreement will only be in place for what remains of the current school year and the 2018–19 school year, unless the UFT and the DOE agree to extend it. We will prepare a more detailed FAQ shortly.

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