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On July 11, 2016, the UFT and the New York City Department of Education executed an agreement enabling the UFT to become the bargaining representative for more than 450 Administrative Education Analysts and Administrative Education Officers.

Who belongs to the new bargaining unit?

The criteria for those Administrative Education Analysts and Administrative Education Officers designated for inclusion in the bargaining unit are as follows:

  • Must be pay grade G-1 to G-4.
  • Must not be employed in any of the following locations: Offices of the Chancellor, Deputy Chancellors, Office of General Counsel (Office of Legal Services, Office of Labor Relations, Office of Special Investigation, Office of Equal Opportunity, Office of Auditor General), Division of Human Resources or Division of Budget, Operations and Review.

Administrative Education Analysts and Officers in pay grades G-5 to G-8 are excluded from the bargaining unit. Some other exclusions may apply.

The UFT is aware that you may have questions as to how your new recognition as union-represented employees will affect various aspects of your employment (i.e., work calendar, work hours, salary increases, medical and pension benefits, civil service status and promotional opportunities, to name a few). As of now, there have been no changes, and there is no exact timeline as to when specific changes will take place. We can assure you that, as your bargaining representative, we are actively working on these details.

Chapter leader elections

The UFT is now holding an election for the Administrative Education Officers and Analysts Chapter Leader. To that end, the UFT has sent nominating forms to the home addresses of members of this chapter. The nominating forms are due back June 1. Ballots will be sent shortly after that. Click here for more information.

Our next chapter meetings

Wednesday, June 21, at 5:30 p.m. at UFT headquarters, 52 Broadway, NY, NY. Directions »

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