Meet your Executive Board

The UFT Providers Executive Board meets every month. The 2017 meeting dates are: Sept. 13; Oct. 18; Nov. 15; Dec. 20; Jan. 17; Feb. 14; March 21; April 18; May 16; and June 20.


Tammie Miller Tammie Miller Chapter Chair
Melissa Reed Melissa Reed Vice Chair
Cynthia Reed Cynthia Reed Secretary
Cynthia Bland Cynthia Bland Vice Chair, Family
Luz Alvarez Vice Chair, Networks Luz Alvarez Treasurer
Esmemary Akinsanmi Esmemary Akinsanmi Vice Chair, Networks
Victoria Freeman Victoria Freeman Vice Chair, Informal
Sherease Alston Sherease Alston Vice Chair, Group

Borough leaders


Claudette Bart Claudette Bart Borough Chair Brooklyn
Edna Elcock Edna Elcock 1st Borough Chair Brooklyn
Dina Destin Dina Destin 2nd Borough Chair Brooklyn


Marcia Biggs Morrison Marcia Biggs Morrison Borough Chair Queens
Constance Osavio Constance Osavio 1st Borough Chair Queens
Miriam Cheta Miriam Cheta 2nd Borough Chair Queens

Staten Island

Paula Stewart Paula Stewart Borough Chair Staten Island
Audrey Cooper Audrey Cooper 1st Borough Chair Staten Island
Magalie Landrum Magalie Landrum 2nd Borough Chair Staten Island


Jacqueline Baker Jacqueline Baker Borough Chair Manhattan
Joann Sampson Joann Sampson 1st Borough Chair Manhattan


Tiffany Diaz Tiffany Diaz Borough Chair Bronx
Milagros Carbajal Milagros Carbajal 1st Borough Chair Bronx
Maritza DelValle Maritza DelValle 2nd Borough Chair Bronx
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