You Should Know

In this section you'll find resources and news pertaining to members of the Hearing Education Services chapter.

The Cascade seniority agreement
This DOE memo outlines seniority rules and procedures for HES members.

Resolution calling on DOE to restore hearing screenings
The UFT is calling for a comprehensive and well-managed hearing screening program for school-age children across New York City. 

Oppose the controversial hearing aid bill 
Please join the New York State Speech-Language-Hearing Association (NYSSLHA) in opposing a bill that would allow for the for-profit sale of hearing aids by otolaryngologists who employ an audiologist or hearing aid dispenser. This legislation would repeal a long-standing prohibition on physician self-referral of hearing devices designed to protect consumers from the possibility that personal financial gain could interfere with the physician's independent medical judgment. It also undermines the mission of agencies such as CHC, encouraging a monopoly by large, for-profit physician practices that would interfere with ongoing audiology practices.

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