Other DOE Chapters

Directors of Alcohol & Substance Abuse Programs Chapter

The directors of alcohol and substance abuse programs are responsible for the year-round administration, supervision, work-plan development and implementation to prevent alcohol and substance abuse among students in the New York City school system.

Jeannine K. Manning, chapter leader

Attendance Teachers

Attendance teachers are responsible for making sure individual students attend school and informing the school of any emerging attendance trends or issues. They work with parents, schools and city agencies to find solutions to a child’s attendance problem.

View contract | Steve Grossman, chapter leader

Audiologists Chapter

The Audiology Chapter represents audiologists working for District 75 and Committees on Special Education. Audiologists work to ensure that hearing-impaired and deaf students receive the services they need to excel in all areas of academic life.

Susan Kavanagh, chapter leader

Home Instruction Chapter

Members of the Home Instruction Chapter teach students who must remain at home because of a medical, orthopedic or serious emotional condition.

View contract | Emmanuel Duruaku, chapter leader

Hospital Schools

View contract | John Cooper, chapter leaderz

Lab Specialists

Laboratory specialists and laboratory technicians enforce safety standards in the city’s schools science rooms and laboratories where educators and students conduct experiments. Science teachers rely on these professionals to provide instruction and guidance regarding the safe use of science equipment and materials.

View contract | Win C. Hung, chapter leader


The Living for the Young Family (LYFE) program provides child care for teen parents enrolled in high school or high school equivalency programs. The educators in LYFE also provide parenting classes and individual instruction to the student parents as well.

View contract | Zamyra Abdel Hady, chapter leader

Nonpublic Schools (D-64) Chapter

The Department of Nonpublic Schools is funded by Title 1, Part A of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act. If a student scores below a certain point in reading or math and attends a parochial school in a neighborhood eligible for Title 1 funding, that student is eligible for the program. This chapter has the teachers, educators, school secretaries and other titles who support children in their schools.

Re-Start Program Chapter

School Medical Inspectors

Sign Language Interpreters

Members of this chapter hold national certification (ASL/English Interpreters or Certified Deaf Interpreters) and work under the auspices of the DOE's Office of Sign Language Interpreting Services. These members advocate for and promote cross-cultural communication while providing interpreting services and outreach to the DOE community.

Stephanie Feyne, chapter leader

Vision Education Services Chapter

The UFT Vision Education Services Chapter comprises educators in the New York City public schools who serve the blind or visually impaired in every grade and at every developmental level. The range of jobs includes teachers of the visually impaired to orientation and mobility teachers and paraprofessionals.

Vincent Pedulla, chapter leader

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