Welcome to the Sign Language Interpreters Chapter

Stephanie Feyne
Stephanie Feyne

Dear Colleagues,

Welcome to the Sign Language Interpreters Chapter website. The Sign Language Interpreter members are nationally certified interpreters and Certified Deaf Interpreters working from the DOE's Office of Sign Language Interpreting Services based at 400 1st Ave. in Manhattan. Our members advocate for and promote cross-cultural communication while providing interpreting services and outreach to the DOE community.

Our goal is to ensure that Deaf families, pedagogues and administrators, and the hearing individuals with whom they come into contact have linguistic access to each other throughout the DOE academic experience. Our services provide Deaf parents the opportunity to participate fully in their childrens' academic lives and for Deaf staff to engage with the DOE contractual environment.

In addition to interpreting, our members provide:

  • Screening of and mentoring for agency interpreters working in the classroom.
  • American Sign Language evaluation of Deaf children in the system.
  • Outreach to parent coordinators, principals, schools and other departments within the DOE. By raising awareness of the DOE's mandate to provide sign language interpreters, as well as informing how to request and work with the interpreting process, our members bridge communication between the DOE and its Deaf families.

The UFT sign language interpreter members are committed to and take pride in providing top quality interpreting services to the DOE community.


Stephanie Feyne
Chapter Leader

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