Paraprofessional Chapter Representatives


The paraprofessional chapter is headed by the chapter chairperson who represents all New York City paraprofessionals in collective bargaining and in other dealings with the city and state. Your chairperson conducts the chapter's monthly steering committee, executive board and paraprofessional representative meetings during the school year and directs the business of the chapter. Other officers of your chapter are the first and second vice chairs, secretary, assistant secretary, treasurer, assistant treasurer.

Shelvy Young-Abrams
Chapter Chairperson

Reginald Colvin
1st Vice Chairperson

Hector Ruiz, Jr.
2nd Vice Chairperson

Dorothy Kamps

Anthony Barnes
Assistant Secretary

Melba Perry

Pricilla Castro
Assistant Treasurer

Executive Board Members-At-Large:

Mashantuck Bell; Donna Bingert; Joana Brown; Teresa D’Ambrosio; Melissa Escalante, Iliana Guzman; Electra Holmes; John Kamps; Jose Lago; Teresa Mercado; Andrea Reyes; Irma Rodriguez; Michael Santos; Lourdes Urbaez; and Margaret Ward.

Borough Coordinators

There is a paraprofessional borough coordinator for each of the five boroughs. The borough coordinator organizes boroughwide conferences and works with district coordinators.

Sharon Anderson
2500 Halsey Street

Shirley Laney
335 Adams St., 25th Fl.

Margaret Dalton-Diakite
52 Broadway, 10th Fl.

Penny Setoute
97-77 Queens Blvd.

Sandra Flecha
4456 Amboy Road

There are 32 district coordinators, each serving you in a community school district. They coordinate paraprofessional issues with the UFT's district representatives. The chapter also has paraprofessional representatives at some schools or sites or represent you.

Chapter members elect officers every three years. All officers, executive board members, borough coordinators and district coordinators serve as delegates to your union's Delegate Assembly, the union's highest policy-making body.

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