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Si Beagle Learning Centers Program


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Outreach sections — Check chapter calendar for activities.

Florida section — Check chapter calendar for activities.

Annual meetings — January through March. Fliers mailed and posted on calendar.

Reflections in Poetry and Prose — Our yearly collection of published writings by UFT retirees.

Reflections in Poetry and Prose guidelines — Follow these instructions to submit your writing.

Day at the University — Special all-day event in June. Luncheon with guest speakers.

Annual arts and crafts exhibits — Learning Centers event in June.

Social Services

Through Retiree Programs, retirees are connected to the United Federation of Teachers, UFT Welfare Fund, Retired Teachers Chapter (RTC), Supplementary Health Insurance Program (SHIP), Retiree Social Services and the Si Beagle Learning Centers Program.

Upon retirement, retirees are still covered by the UFT Welfare Fund; however, some of the benefits are tailored more towards retirees. One of the benefits is participation in the Si Beagle Learning Centers program; with trips, courses, seminars and plethora of related activities.

Retirees are invited to the Welcome New Retiree Luncheon as a “Thank You” for all their years of service in the New York City Public Schools. This luncheon traditionally takes place in November after their retirement. Other activities include the Si Beagle Learning Centers Program, Day at the University, and “Reflections in Poetry and Prose,” a writing project published annually. The Florida office offers services, courses, trips and seminars (Florida Si Beagle Course Program). There are also activities across the country wherever there is an outreach program.

There are Retiree Programs’ staffers located at UFTWF headquarters in New York (central) that are available to answer retiree questions and assist with information and guidance. In addition, the coordinators in each area are able to process information on a local level as well as refer questions to the central staff in New York and Florida.

For retirees that have a social services question or need, we have UFTWF Social Services staff to assist nationwide with these concerns.

The UFTWF is here for you, in retirement as well as when you were in service. We want you to “stay connected” with us and enjoy all that is offered. We thank you for your years of service to the students of the New York City Public Schools.


Gerri Herskowitz, Director of Retiree Programs
52 Broadway, 17th New York, NY 10004

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