Social Workers and Psychologists Newsletters/Updates

March 2019

Read about our new contractual rights, workload issues, clerical worker vacancies and more.

November 2018

Learn about the new contract, professional development opportunities, per session payments and other issues.

September 2018

Read updates on Continuing Education Credit opportunities, parking permits, testing materials and more.

June 2018

Read about how to pply for School-Based Support Team positions and check out pictures from some of this semester's chapter events.

December 2017

A number of important events including the 12th Annual UFT Clinicians' Day on Jan.26 were announced. Other topics: per session payment delays, parking permits, compliance issues and tenure information for recent hires.

September 2017

Welcome back to school! Find out more about assessment materials for clinicians, increasing PD for social workers and psychologists and our contract.

June 2017
Find out more about the deadline to apply for per session, parking permits, the DOE policy on recommendations for students to attend public schools or special classes in District 75 schools and more. 

April 2017
Find out more about our Clinical PD Day, the UFT's Spring Education Conference, the new DOE policy for deferrals and recommendations, our 2nd annual School Social Work Conference, the UFT's #PublicSchoolProud campaign, our School Psychology Awareness Day, assessment materials for clinicians, compliance issues, tenure, Don Albright's award at Teacher Union Day and tax deductions for educators.

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